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killed without a funeral. >>> and in northwest washington today, a memorial mass for victims of haiti's earthquake. ♪ hundreds of people attended the mass of the shrine of the sacred heart to remember those who perished. the search churched washington's haitian communities and one of its priests was in haiti when the earthquake struck. he heads the archdiocese in washington. >>> a 20-year-old marine from dc is stabbed to death at a party in baltimore. lindsey mastis is in southeast washington with the latest. >> reporter: well, darius ray was stationed here and baltimore police say he and another man were stabbed while attending a party. the second man is in the hospital with serious injuries. it's a tough time for family, friends and his fellow marines. some are turning to facebook and sharing their memories. i'm told his family is still in the process of telling what happened. the marines are working with baltimore police and police are hoping to make some arrests in this case before the end of the day. right now, loved ones are simply trying to cope. i spoke with his sister over
who is turning washington upside down? well you're about to find out from people who know him best. even from the senator elect himself. we are live in wakefield, massachusetts for the next hour. giving you the inside story. we start first, with the senator elect. earlier our own griff jenkins tracked him down. >> reporter: senator brown, congratulations. tell me about your trip to washington. how were you received? >> exciting, humling to be there in walking through halls, now i have an office in a little bit of time. >> reporter: >> reporter: you are 41, very important issue, health care there what can you share with what the other senators spoke to you about with regards to the health care? >> now everybody is the 41st senator it gives the ability for debate to begin again and bring it back to the drawing board. when i was in caucus they had been talking about issues hit been talking about on the campaign trail and they asked me what the pulse is in massachusetts and how it affected my race? the biggest problem, what would you do? i wouldn't raise taxes. i wouldn't cut medicare
, tiendas, escuelas, hospitales y nuevos proyectos... en washington claudia uceda univision una vez mas nuestra capital fue virtualmente invadida por miles de uququqpqqunas, mayormee jovenes que llegaron de todo el pais para protestar contra la corte suprema por la legalizacion del aborto ocurrida hace 37-anos atras... un concierto en las primera horas de la manana y una misa antecedieron a la marcha hacia la corte suprema... ....estamos aqui en washington para decir al mundo que la vida se debe vida es un derecho, que no le pertenece al gobierno, ni a un estado, ni a la iglesia catolica ni a nadie..solamente es un derecho fundamental de la existencia de la persona human sea la circunstancia que sea por la cual la mujer se embaraze debe respetar esa vida a mi me afecta mucho porque y tambien soy padre de familia, se da cuenta y padre de familia que tengo dos hijas.. para los participantes, la posibiilidad de que la moribunda reforma a los cuidados de salud incluya un financiamiento para los abortos origina tambien protestas.. uno de los aspec
with their left leaning views. americans say they want less government, but is one big paper in washington keeping that a secret? is this who we think it is? how does the national inquirer get these pictures? >> hold up, hold up, hold it, ho hold. >> jon: after a year with president obama has his relationship with the press taken a turn? >> no, no, old on, hold on, hold on. >> jon: on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller, syndicated columnist cal thomas, jim pinkerton, fellow new american foundation and news day columnist. and i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> my assessment of not just about massachusetts, but the mood around the country, you know, the same thing that swept scott brown in office, swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> jon: president obama's reaction there on wednesday to a big democratic loss the night before, losing former senator kennedy's senate seat to republican scott brown, making big headline
from the "washington post," and kaiser and harvard that in fact say voters did not believe they were sending a message on health care specifically. but look what they did, not what they say. i agree with you, this is clearly, voters understood that they were throwing an enormous monkey wrench in the prospects of health care reform. what the president is doing is -- and which they're already moving in this direction before massachusetts, it was very clear talking to david axelrod about ten days ago, they were focusing more on this election of a contrast, not a referendum. what they've got now is a situation in which there is an enormous well of populist discontent about the direction of the country. republicans have ha great success of channeling it to washington in general, toward the democrats in particular. it's clear the white house wants to shift that focus back toward the financial institutions and other -- >> but are people angry at wall street, big money or big government? >> they're angry at both. and they're angry at government largely because of the belief that all of the a
? >> look, the business cycle is more powerful than washington. washington likes to, or has the illusion they have some control over the economy in the near term. the electorate likes to share that illusion. it's just not true. this business cycle turning, as it was turning -- >> when you say "the business cycle" what are you talking about? like the weather cycle? >> no. look, we live in a free market economy. a capitalist economy. part and parcel of a capitalist economies are upswings and downswings in economic activity. it has nothing to do with stimulus package or bad policy or good policy. it's going to happen anyway. all right? there's been -- i think we've had for a couple of decades a relatively moderate business cycle, and a lot of patting ourselves on the back saying we did a good job. we may have just been lucky to a degree. >> chris, you looked puzzled by that. >> not puzzled but i disagree. i think we are being, we are giving the government and not just the u.s. government, but global governments, far too little credit, and we are forgetting how terrible things were in 2008.
washington tonight. the white house this evening is reassembling its political team with former obama campaign manager david pluf returning. that word comes after a bad week on wall street and challenges to the renomination of fed chairman ben bernanke. the dow dropped 4.1% this week, the biggest weekly drop since march of last year. and tonight, the white house is launching a full-court press on bernanke's behalf. kimberly dozier has more. >> reporter: the stock market's drop came after a one-two punch of bad news for wall street from the white house and capitol hill. on thursday, president obama pledged to impose new banking regulations. late friday came word that fed chief ben bernanke's senate confirmation to a second term might be in jeopardy. some in congress blame bush-era holdover bernanke for failing to reign in the banks and markets leading to the 2008 crash. >> do you hand the job of rebuilding a house burned down by a fire to the person who helped set fire to begin with. >> reporter: those objections are fueled in part by the public's anger over rising unemployment and ban
is on the wrong track. 81% say that the u.s. is heading in the wrong direction. this according to a "washington post"/kaiser harvard poll. good morning. good to see you, ed. >> good to see you. >> we have "the washington post" which notes in the '08 election, president obama won decisively among voters. what changed? >> he remains pretty popular with folks who showed up to vote. they have real issues with his health care plan. the meetings and negotiations that were held between the two houses of congress have been closed. there isn't bipartisanship and a lot of concern about cost. this in a state which has essentially a universal health care plan. they have big issues with how washington is handling the current health care debate. >> voters said their top issues were health care reform. the efforts in washington. the economy, the jobs, and the way washington is working. it was among the top things on the list they weren't happy with. washington workings, why don't they like it? >> i think for all of the reasons i've seen. they play out in the last few months. again, you can't get a deal done.
a special memorial mass at sacred heart catholic church in northwest washington. >> it was wonderful. i believe we all are very in sync with understanding there was a devastation in haiti, but that devastation and praying for the dead, we also have to pray for the living. >> reporter: hundreds of people with ties to haiti as well as politicians and residents from throughout the area were there to remember those lost in the earthquake more than one week ago. donald world, arch bishop of washington presided over the mass. >> the power of faith, power of prayer will be demonstrated today as it always is. we are so grateful to god to have this opportunity to be with our sisters and brothers in haiti through this mass, through this show of solidarity. >> reporter: workers will be tasked with finding the bodies of those buried in rubble as the ground shook, collapsing thousands of buildings. >> coming here was a duty in time of sore like that, it is good to allow everybody together. i felt good being here. >> reporter: last weekend prayers were offered during haitian services as people hoped
to everybody. we are going to keep trying and keep working. >> reporter: fairfax is just part of the washington area's response efforts to this disaster. red cross volunteers with local connections headed to haiti. they loaded 1 thousand pounds of communications and survival equipment before leaving dulles airport. >> we had equipment there but not because of the -- enormous devastation, quite difficult to be able to help everybody quickly. >> once in haiti the team will help do damage assessment and will help other rescus already in haiti already running out of supplies. >> there are many ways you can help as haiti continues to recover from the quake. to find out how to donate to relief efforts, and search help. >>> bill cosby is now backing a new internet based effort to encourage volunteering. cosby joins the staffer foundation in creating what's being called doing good, the people's project. the actor and comedian tape ad public service announcement for the project doing good campaign aims to inspire people to volunteer to help others. >> people need to get that understand
on "washington week." >> let the american people decide how much money is enough. sunshine really does work if you allow it to. >> the roberts court has turned back the clock on our democracy by over a century. gwen: in one major decision, the supreme court rolls back decades of campaign finance limits. quhile while political upheaval of another kind rocks the capital as massachusetts voters pick republican senator scott brown. and how much will be the 41st republican senator weaken the president's agenda? >> it is just nice being out of washington. let me say. and there are nice people in washington but -- in can drive you crazy. gwen: amid aftershocks and confusion, the world copes with the devastation in haiti. covering the week, john biskupic of u.s.a. today and john harwood of cnbc and the "new york times" time and martha raddatz of abc news. ♪ gwen: good evening. perhaps we should have seen it coming, when the supreme court went out of its way to hear new arguments in what was considered a pretty tangent shall campaign finance case. and the citizens turned out to be a important plat
in washington. nothing dramatic. >> i don't know if in this case gridlock is good. you have to get past a lot of big problems. >> i think the way you get past that is cut costs and make it dramatic and a sense of urgency. i think with this, it will create a sense of urgency and force a decision. >> i think that's what we were discussing, it doesn't. that's your concern. there's no sense of urgency. >> there is from the president to resell this and blame it on everyone but himself. at some point i says to say i messed up, misread the public and -- >> never on earth. the power of making excuse us. i say its a thyroid condition. >> when we come back, a weight joke. stay with me because i'm not going to repeat this. scott brown's political rally about to become a jobs rally. how the new massachusetts senator will get americans working again coming up were. first, president obama's bank bashing plan is all about risk. should he be looking at risk takers a little closer to home? ♪ sitting in a fortune 100 company? a good place to find yourself. and that's exactly where our graduates do find thems
on c-span. >> each year, the washington center brings thousands of students to washington d.c. to experience the workings of our government firsthand. this weekend, they will discuss politics, government, and their futures. sunday night at 8 on c-span. >> this week, a conversation with the new president of the national association of broadcasters, a former oregon senator gordon smith. se6 to 2008. our guest reporter is the washington bureau chief of broadcasting and cable magazine. i want to start with the supreme court decision this week. i will ask you what their ruling on campaign finance means to your members. >> i probably should admit i never voted for mccain fine gold, so i think it is a big decision for freedom of speech. oddly, you cannot get on tv or radio without paying for it. broadcasters have a lot of cost in production and content. the american people rely on their tv and radios. ultimately, i suspect there will be more political advertising, but i think the best part of the ruling was full disclosure. i think the more that is disclosed to the american people
's power hold in washington, d.c. is that going to save you a lot of money? first, right here on forbes, guess who is profiting as president obama's poll numbers tumble. >> a fox news alert. i'm jamie colby. the associatinged press report the police found the bodies of a woman and two children in a home in wellington florida. the sheriff's office is saying all three appear to have died. >> gunshot wounds and according to the ap, police went to the home after a man reportedly crashed his car this morning then told rescue workers he had just killed his family. the map now being treated for injuries at a nearby hospital and we'll keep you updated on this story. haiti, they're calling off the search for survivors this morning. u.n. officials say there's little hope of finding more people alive ten days after the earthquake and are focusing on the relief efforts. 132 people have been pulled from the rubble since that devastating quake. >>> join me at 1:00 p.m. eastern on america's headquarters. >> back to forbes on fox. >> one year after taking office, president obama's owe approval rating s
for the day, washington 46. 41 in denver. 60 in l.a. 77 in tampa and miami. i'm reynolds look fwolf for hln. >>> we live our lives online, buying plane tickets, paying bills. why not fitness? we asked them to look at the coolest new online fitness tools. check outfitness orbit, real life fitness trainer online. >> i like the fact you can pick the activity level you're in. whether you have a desk job, a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your trainer can adjust your fitness goals on a daily basis. if nutrition is more your focus, check out an online meal plan you. >> the option of choosing from fast food, home cooked meals and each meal type opg, that's an emphasis on healthy choices. >> reporter: it comes complete with recipes, shopping list and cost per meal calculator. if all you feed is a little inspiration, a free healthy tips e-mail called healthy mondays may be your one-stop shop. >> i think healthy mondays is a great program used in conjunction with ornishtives. >> reporter: healthy monday is a free tool but the other two come with membership fees. >>> a woman who survived the devastati
washington. 32, st. mary's county. 35, annapolis. 30 degrees in quantico. a lot of 20s on the map. 27, manassas and frederick, 28 degrees in germantown, 30 degrees in leesburg. not a bad-looking saturday. a few clouds around first thing this morning. mostly sunny. high temperatures around 45 degrees. enjoy it, kimberly. today's sunshine will be replaced with rain for tomorrow. that part of the forecast and the seven-day coming up. >>> thank you, chuck. it was a horrific crash in prince william county, one that left a teenager dead, a young life lost after a van crushed the car he was driving. a mother and 4-year-old were sitting in the front seat of that van. they were injured but are expected to survive. news 4's craig melvin reports. >> reporter: what's left of the almost unrecognizable honda civic was a sign of how bad the accident was. friday night, we found this sign on the wally family's door in woodbridge. moments later, the grieving family arrived and the younger brother told us what he would miss most. >> his looks, his personality, his everything, his style, his attitude, hi
it's turning into a long-term intractable problem. bob orr, cbs news, washington. >> couric: in california, after a week of storms, the worst may be over. outside los angeles, thousands who were evacuated because of the threat of mudslides were allowed to return home today. but there's still tkaeupbger from floodwaters. this afternoon, in fact, a german shepherd was on the verge of being swept away by the surging los angeles river. 50 firefighters came to the rescue, one lowered from a helicopter to pluck the shivering dog from the flood. the dog's doing okay but the firefighter is being treated for some bites from the frightened animal. and coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," the long journey from port-au-prince to pittsburgh to washington state for three haitian orphans. (announcer) of all the things made just for women, maybe one of the most important is centrum silver ultra women's. the complete multivitamin for women over 50. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests supports breast health, and more calcium for bone health. centrum silver ultra women'
't stop fighting to cut waste and abuse in washington. i want to march forward with you. i want to work with you. i want to fight for you. i hope you're willing to stand by me, even during these tough times, because i believe in a brighter future for america. >> at the tail end of a week probably most democrats want to forget, president obama not so quietly transitioned back into campaigner road. picking a populist fight with wall street and whoever in politics will stand in the way of his economic agenda. now, this is not new in terms of policy, but president obama taking it in this way with this kind of a rally on the road in a very familiar battleground state sort of proof positive that the calendar has flipped to 2010 and democrats have elections to win. much of president obama's fire today was directed toward wall street, which happens to be, "a," a very soft target right now, and, "b," pretty good politics, since it's an i shall ew that republicans are on the very unpopulist side of. >> we're having a fight right now because i want to charge wall street a modest fee to repay taxpa
bernanke facing a tough reconfirmation from congress next week. we'll get a live report from washington. >> and the southwest is digging out from record amounts of snow. yep, that's right, snow and rain. we'll get the latest forecast to see if there is more wet weather coming their way. >> also, amazing rescue of man's best friend in los angeles. we'll talk to the brave man responsible for saving that big guy. >> # first we go straight to haiti, 11 days after the 7.0 earthquake devastated so much of that country, rescuers pulling yet another survivor from the rubble. a young man said to be in his early 20s was found collapsed in -- in a collapsed hotel. believe it or not, he was in good condition. the haitian government had declared an end to the search for survivors. heavy equipment moving in for the massive cleanup ahead. among those helping, american boxer. a famous celebrity on the island nation and eight family members, including his aunts, uncles and cousins were killed in the quake and rick leventhal is live at the port-au-prince airport hospital. rick, first about that rescue, t
the massachusetts election. people in washington were all in a tizzy. trying to figure out what this means for health reform. >> we've gotten pretty far down the road. but i've got to admit, we had a little bit of a buzz saw this week. now i also know that part of the reason is, is that this process was so long and so drawn out, this is just what happens in congress. i mean it's just an ugly process. you're running head long in the special interests and armies of lobbyists, an partisan politics that's aimed at exploiting fears instead of getting things done. and then you've got ads that are scaring the bejesus out of everybody. and the longer it takes, the uglier it looks. >> rose: joining me is joe scarborough, host of msmbc morning joe, and joe klein of "time" magazine who interviewed president obama in this we can's "time" magazine. here is the cover story for that, called now what. and in washington adam nagourney of "the new york times" who wrote the story of analysis after the stunning event that took place in massachusetts. i am pleased to have all of them on this program. adam, let
in northwest washington. 31, dulles airport. 32, upper montgomery. 29, panhandle of west virginia forecast today, pretty doggone nice. high temperatures, low to mid-40s. enjoy the sunshine today. the rain comes back tomorrow. could get one to two inches of rain. i'll talk about that and give you the seven-day graft coming up in a few more minutes. >> at least it is not ice, right, chuck? >> that's correct. >> thank you. >>> a major overnight development in haiti to tell you about. the country's government now says the search for survivors is officially over. the u.n. says 132 people were pulled from the rubbl alive. more than a week after the quake, the hope is fading that more miracles are awaiting. nbc's ron allen reports. >> reporter: when 24 hours have passed without a successful rescue, that's why search and rescue operations here all but ended. some people still remained determined. a 22-year-old man and an 84-year-old woman were pulled from the rubble. both are critically ill. their chances of survival are not clear. >> they survived. i don't ca. they survived. >> reporter: the airp
rock or washington. we're challenging the reputation of problem. -- we are challenging a reputational problem. we took on conan o'brien. it is such an easy joke for late-night television hosts to make. they look for a city to use as a punch line and they use newark. i love when they have big shows where people are coming to newark the overwhelming majority of people come are coming from outside the state of new jersey. i love going down to the bars and restaurants newark -- in newark and talking to them. they say they cannot believe this is newark, new jersey. i want to let people know the greatness of our cities of that we continue to attract residents. . . we really have jumped into social media as opportunity with facebook and other things to show people the inspiring stories, as i have told you in this speech, but also urban america and we need to change the image of cities in america to let people know the truth of who we are. that is what we are born to continue to try to do. -- what we are going to to continue to try to do. >> my name is carolyn and i am from albany, new york.
>>> welcome to washington post live weekend. ahead. we'll look back at the raider's tough loss to the colts. where they are going next. and a look at the local teams. and cathy griffin gives us a take on tiger woods. you don't want to miss that. >>> there was an exit out of the playoffs. we weighed in on what the ravens need to do to make it back to the big game in the top headline. >>> the win in new orleans, a lot of optimism then they went to played out the way i expected. they were not blown out. and could not produce the better team won. how do you wrap up the season if you look at it big-picture wise. >> theynded up where you thought -- they ended up where you thought they would be. they are fighting to get into a streak and roll but they got to the playoffs, won a road game, beat by the accounts the best team in the look long term this is a solid franchise, this he are in a transition as the offense is growing t is a young group. they need help with the wide receiver position they know that. over on defense i think that any help with the corner position if they all year.
with a brief update from our own pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: officials here and in london say this amounts to the british government catching up to what the u.s. did last week when airline security w further tightened. the uk threat level was raised today to what's called severe, the second highest level there it's a response, officials say, to a stream of intelligence, suggesting that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are determined to carry out more attacks against the west. many possible threats are in that stream. none of them specific, including recruiting women for bomb attacks. this same general concern led the u.s. last week to further tighten air security, with more screening and stepped-up use of air marshals. two days ago the british government established a no-fly list for the first time for flights into the uk. the british this week suspended direct flights between london and yemen, brian. >> again, we thought it best to address this story up top tonight. pete williams in washington, thanks for doing that. >>> back to our
in serious condition. ray was from washington, d.c. the search for survivors in haiti is officially over. it has been called off by the haitian government, even the people are still being pulled from the rubble alive. just after 4:00 this afternoon, a man who was rescued from the ruins of a grocery store, 11 days after the earthquake. this report was filed after the rescue. >> this is the latest astonishing rescue. a 21-year-old man was trapped for 10 days in the collapsed three-story building and was pulled out alive by israeli rescue teams. this man has been an incredibly long odds to survive. the search and rescue operation has been officially called off. attention has turned to looking after the survivors. unicef is trying to reunite thousands of orphans with family members. they say they are concerned about children being abused or exploited. >> we have heard reports of children being taken out of the country. unicef is very concerned about this. the reports are being investigated. >> fires a broken out of the commercial district of port-au- prince. it is believed that looters readi
with democrats when he gets to washington. just 11% of voters want brown to thwart the democrats' agenda, according to a new "washington post" kaiser harvard poll. publisher ever the cook report at and a dw frent. thanks for joining us, charlie. >> good morning. >> how do you read the voting environment now ahead of the 2010 elections? >> i think what we saw in tuesday's election, special election in massachusetts, in this new kaiser harvard "washington post" poll, it's a continuation of what we've been seeing for about six months or so. one, you could say broadly voters are unhappy. that creates a lot of political turbulence. then you soo two contradictory things happening. one hand, a frustration democrats have been pushing health care to a lesser extent climate change and a time when people want to see a focus on the economy. remember when bill clinton said during the 1992 presidential campaign he wanted to focus on the economy like a laser beam. that's the focus that voters are looking for. but at the same time, in this survey in massachusetts showed and recent national surv
victory on tuesday in massachusetts sinks in and voter anger at washington begins to take root, the president tonight is turning to an old political ally to help turn things around. in the wake of stunning new setbacks, mr. obama is now turning to a proven winner, david plouffe, chief architect of the historic 2008 obama election, to put the white house back on a campaign footing. >> he says he never voted for a republican. >> reporter: yesterday in ohio a new approach by the president was already evident. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: as his agenda becomes less popular, the president's tone now becomes more populist, confessing friday to losing contact with everyday americans. >> the truth is this job is a little confining, and that is frustrating. >> reporter: mr. obama met with plouffe last tuesday, at the same moment voters were sending republicans scott brown to the senate in solidly democratic massachusetts. a new poll out today puts the president's political peril in stark relief. of all voters in tuesday's election, a whopping 63% think the country is on the wrong t
now from washington. stacey, i want to start right there, how do we know if those organizations are legitimate? >> unfortunately, that is a really important question to ask because, sadly, at these times, scam s do pop up. so you want to make sure that the organization already has people on the ground in haiti. many, many groups have been working there for years and already have a history. so one way to tell that they're not some fly by night thing is to be able to figure out that they've got a history. ask them what their track record is, what they've been doing and how they can prove it. >> you want to see a track record, history on the ground in haiti. you know, as this whole story has unfolded we've noticed so many of these organizations are talked about on the web. and particularly, on social networking sites. should i trust these organizations that are talked about on facebook, on twitter? >> some of the best information is actually coming on twitter and facebook because word of mouth in some ways, if you were talking to experts, that's actually a terrific way to be able t
the president's agenda >> it is jut nice beng out of washington. leme say. and there arenice people in washingt but --in can rive you crazy. gwenamid aftershocks a consion, the world cops with the devastation n aiti. covering the wek, jhn biskic u.s.a. today and john harwood of cnbcand the "new york times" time and artha radatz f abc news. ♪ gwen: good evening. perhaps we shouldave seen it coming, when the upreme court went out of its wato hear new arguments inwhat was onsidered a etty tangen shall campaign financecase. and the citizs turne out to be a important platfor for them to say that may conservatives have argued for years, money equa speech, t court ruled. so many limits oncampaign nance contributions vial hate theconstitution. but practically, at does the decion good and what doesn't it? >> a threhold, the many thing itoes for what i going to happen in 200 elections, is corporations cann be limied in the independent eenditures they do on behalof a candidate. in this case, it was a mie that -- that itizen's united did that was a ad against hillary clinton. it was a documentary but he
in washington. he does a great job and i really enjoyed working with david and to you, tom, thank you for your leadership. always in what you do to be so helpful to the mayors. and i want to -- i know that the chairman of the nea is here. rocco, where are you at? please stand up. the chairman of the nea has joined us. he's a part of president obama's team. and we're delighted he's here. he and i just had a meeting recently. and we're going to collaborate on some things for really promoting the arts because we know that the cultural activities in communities are so important to the work that all of you do. i'm going to make some very brief remarks and spend most of the time with you on any questions or comments or issues that you would like to talk about. i think it's more important for me to listen to you. so i add my welcome to all of you, to washington. i think it goes without saying that you all have some of the toughest jobs in america. we think of the jobs that exist here in washington, whether it's the president or vice president or members of the cabinet. but you're on the ground every
research was the washington navy yard, and what i do whenever i plan to go to an archive is i get in touch with the head archivist before i'm coming. and i say, this is my topic and this is what i want to do. you know, is it worth coming there? can you help me out? and that why i at least have some idea of the lay of the land before i go. well, the archivist there on the second day that i showed up, he had a little glint in his eye and he motioned me to come over. and he said, mr. schwab, he said, i have an idea for you. and he said, before i share my idea, he said what you promised me that when you finish your dissertation you will give me a copy? of the dissertation for the library. and that there becomes a book which i suspect it will, would you give us a copy of the book as well? and i said, sure. assuming you have a good idea of which i think you do. and he said well, he said, do you have time and money? to travel and do research? i said yes, i have some grants from the university. and he said well, he said, i think if you would go to various presidential libraries, perhaps starting w
ginsburg from bush v. gore and his colleagues at a top washington firm warning today -- so if you have been harboring dreams now might be the time to create a viable electable third-party alternative i guess we should be grateful for the two parties we have got. congressman james clyburn, majority whip, using the words courtocracy saying in a statement that the supreme court has now -- congressman clyburn joins us now. great thanks for your time tonight, sir. >> thank you so much for having me, keith. >> you've used this word corpocracy look like and what about it should voters most fear? >> well, if you were to look this word up, you would have a hard time finding it in various dictionaries but google it. look it up. what you will find is that it is a government that is controlled by conglomerates, corporates and many of them even with private entities. it is as clear to me as anything i've ever read anywhere that this opens the door, this ruling, this supreme court decision opens the door to the corpocracy in our society. >> as we mentioned, some chief executives writing congressional lea
washington's next move is going. and so we said let's just freeze domestic discretionary spending at last year's level. my goodness, every small business owner, every family in this country is having to go through that exercise and frankly is having to cut, not just freeze. and in the same way, the suggestion that perhaps republicans wouldn't support transparency and even playing field and regulations that will control the amount of leverage on wall street, that's silly. of course we support efforts like that. but what we do know is that this administration -- and frankly the majority in congress has been very slow in getting the message out to auditors, regulators in the field that they should be reflecting the sentiments that the secretary of treasury and chairman of the federal reserve has said, which is we need to turn back to some sense of normalcy in the assessment of risk because we all know this country has been built on entrepreneurialism, on opportunity. it is not that we have seen our prosperity come from this government. that's where really, madam speaker, the differences lie,
abortions. hiclinic closed after his death. thousands rallied washington in the annual "march forife". it was the 37th anniveary of the supreme courdecision of roe v. wade that legaled aborti. the anti-abortion crowd ralld at the white hse, and then moved on tthe supreme court. a handl of abortion rights supporte were also present. downpours sed today as the latest pacific storm med out of southern california. the risk for mudslides and flooding remained, especiall for residents inhe foothills of thean gabriel mountains. a state emergency was clared in five counties afte nearly ten incheof rain this week. still,ocal officials said many evacuation orders in los anges county will soon be fted. those are me of the day's main stories. i'll be ck at the end of the program with a preview of at you'll find toght on the newshour's web sit but for now, bacto jim. >> lehrer: and sll to come on the newsur: shlds and brooks; d who's in charge of the internet? that follows a rdown of a remarkab few days in politics. judy woodrf has the story. cheers and applause >> woodruf president obama ended
washington post," takes a look at the populist backlash, puts bernanke under siege, week of steep market losses. that's how this reflects it. it's probably more likely still that he will be confirmed than he'll be defeated, but the momentum has shifted very, very quickly, and some people on capitol hill are starting to seriously doubt this bernanke vote. half the members haven't decided, so that creates plenty of room for this to get ugly pretty quickly for bernanke and for the administration. host: as far as legislators are concerned, the names that keep popping up are barbara boxer and russ feingold. why are they mentioned? caller: they announced they would vote no against the nomination, and those were just the two latest from the left, that brings to five the number of members from the left who said they would vote no, and both senator boxer and feingold are both facing re-election in november, and that's one of the issues that's been coming up this week, that the massachusetts vote seems to have sent the signal to a number of lawmakers and is forcing them to rethink a lot of things,
to washington. >> not a lot of difference. >> health care is flushed down the toilet current it doesn't look like much is happening in health care. the president switched the emphasis to jobs and getting americans back to work. >> do we buy it might be dead in the water. nancy pole peel said we might not have the votes. >> i don't see the votes for it at this time. the members have been very clear in our caucus about the fact they didn't like it before it had a provision that are unpalable to them. >> something smells odd to me about this whole thing. >> even in the midst of all of the problems that health health was facing this summer. democrats seemed to say it was going to get passed and all of the opposition, suddenly they are hedging the math. >> they did the numbers. >> i don't buy it. >> when senator chris dodd said it is time to take a breather and a haitus on this. he suggested a pause of a month or six weeks. he was in favor of it, too. maybe we need to take this time and say we need it to take a month. it isn't as if eulhaving nothing to do around here. there's a lot of other issu
scott brown. i am drive a truck. >> this will "inside washington 8 on," a polical knocked out. republicans win ted kennedy's senate seat. >> people do not want the trillion dollar heal care plan. >> what happen to heal care reformow? >> thibill is dead. >> supreme court reopens the money deposit in politics. corporates and unions are back big time. president obama cas forank reform n. >> ey want a fight, it ifive years e ready to hav >> what does scott bro's victy mean forhe election ar ahead? >> interesting anniversary present. >> who would have preferred a cake. >> this is a stunning, and for democrats, an ominous development. ♪ >> hlo. solicing i gordon peterson in for. -- i am sitting in gordon peterson for. scott brown one the senate seat anbeat democrats martha akley and billy an the special election f ted kennedy's ssachusetts senate seat. within 24 hours of his victory, the health care rerm bill in its curre form was dying. and anotr blockbuster vo thursday. the supreme court votto strike do parts of the camign law, corporate andunion money will be back in the game b
in washington have been focused on this government- takeover of health care that working families can't afford and don't want. >> started localing like a monstrosity to some voters. boehner was saying if there's a deal to be cut, democrats will cut it. while he was touring a sporting goods factory yesterday, some of the workers addressed him. >> i'll use this during the state of the union. absolutely. that's a serious looking helmet. i could knock heads with this. >> we'll get more of a preview of the state of the union address morrow when white house press secretary robert gibbs is a guest. fox news. >>> after nearly seven years of service, the u.s. marine corps is officially leaving iraq. they handed over the province to the army. as many as 20,000 marines were in iraq at the peak of the war. president obama has ordered all but 50,000 to leave the country by august 31 of this year. >>> vice president joe biden will -- in 2007 contractors opened fire on a group of iraqi civilians. the shooting followed an ambush on a convoy. vice president biden says the u.s. is determined to hold account an
and abusers. abusers. the washington teachers union claimed rhee used a budget crunch as a pretext for dismissing veteran teachers. in an article that will be appearing in the february issue of fast company, she says i got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school. why wouldn't he take those into consideration. the teachers union is fighting man. it says if any teachers were fired for abung students, they would have been notified. me say rhee should offer proof of her ak sayings. they are de-- accusations. they are demanding an apology. >> to paint with a broad brush all of our teachers that somehow they were a group of child molesters and abusers and teachers would do not want to come to work, that's simply not true. it's reckless because it can damage the reputation of all 266 teachers who were let go. >> reporter: so far there has been no comment from rhee or her office. d.c. police chief said they're reseverring the accusations and cannot comment at this time. >>> thousands of pro-life supporters hit the national mall for
it the whole time 122-88. it was all dwayne wade. washington gave it very little effort and very little energy. dwayne wade scored 32 points. he has had to 40. games against washington this season. he had 10 assists. the wizards lose for the eighth time this month. they are not just 14-28. >> i was concerned a little bit. we did not seem to have -- i do not know if it was the loss at dallas or everything caught up to us, but we did not seem to have life. we did not have mental quickness. >> that was the head coach. the terrapins have positioned themselves for a run in the acc. they have won four of their last five. they will be tested tomorrow. they have beaten florida and the duke team in the last few days. it is a special day for gary williams as he adds to his hall of fame numbers as the coach is his 1000 gain. he has enjoyed every second of it. >> i have probably coached against most of the great coaches of the last 30 years. i like that i have gone against those guys. you have a chance to prove yourself against that level. >> gary williams. it is a great nfl weekend. the jets and indianap
markets are sliding 3% with investors rattled by washington news. the technology sector has google posting big profits, but it's stock is well under $600 a share. >> that's google. the banks are turning in outstanding numbers, american express coming in $716 million. i had to look at that number twice, beejal. goldman sachs, $13 billion in profits for the year. >> banks are still coming up pressure with what's coming out of washington. mortgage rates falling again, just underneath 5%. the 30 year fixed is still not at the record lows we saw a few months ago. >> we have larry levin. how much pressure is on traders. >> there's a good amount. we haven't really seen the last couple of days and previous times is that anytime these markets sold out big, they had a big bounce at the end of the day. we didn't see that yesterday. that concerns me. >> do you think then that that could be the correction that many people are expecting? >> i think so. i think you throw in the momentum of the president mad at the banks, trying to put pressure on them, add that with this market has just rallied an immens
, the concept is if washington is on a huge spending spree to print money, it's got to have somebody buying that up. that's what it's trying to do with the 401(k), isn't it? absolutely. this is a way to dig further. we talk about taxes in the first segment. this is a way for people under the guise, as toby said, of a safe, nifty way too far the u.s. consumer, if you will, purchase more debt. the other problem that toby didn't point out, we don't even know if this investment keeps up inflation. you might be investing at these what, 2%, 3% return and inflation eats your gains and principle. this is the same stupid idea brought to you by people who given a us social security, medicare, all these other great solvent ideas that we have. >> julia, what do you think of this? >> this idea is brought to you by the people who actually have this as an option. the federal government employee plan offers a couple types of investment. this is one of them. >> so do other 401(k) plans. >> it's an option. that's what we're talking about. why not allow people the option to have a less risky investment if the
. pro choice supporters also turned out in washington. they marched to the steps of the supreme court. >>> dozens of students from the immaculate conception school also marched. >> it's important because it's what we believe and we're speaking out and we're doing something for the church and for our parish. >> this is what we believe in. this is what we're representing as our school and as catholics united throughout the world. . >>> a mysterious billboard campaign triggers suspicions of mistress revenge. this story tops ow look at news from around the nation. a copresident of software maker oracle says he had affair with a woman on a billboard around new york and other places. he released a statement admitting his 8.5 year affair. phillips was appoint the last year to president obama's economic recovery advisory board. >>> not only a shooting captured on surveillance video. the suspect then removed the victim's pants. he survived but police have no motive for the shooting or the pants theft. >>> i just heard a big thump. >> a car slams into an ambulance with patient inside sending th
celebrities answered phones. >>> here in washington, the kennedy center and haitian embassy jointly presented a free musical concert to raise money for relief efforts in haiti. performers donated their talents. in alexandria, it cost a pair of shoes to get into the basketball game tonight. the schools and money will be sent to a sister school in haiti. >>> britain raises its terror alert level. >> heavy rains and mudslides causing dangerous conditions out west. >> and a dog stranded i high water. >> a look inside conan's final "tonight show." >> how about a look inside our weather? >> it's going to be around 50/50 weekend. we've got partly cloudy skies. drying out. dan, what you've got? >> redskins making more changes to their coaching staff. we are talking playoffs. been held under 20. including the other >>> president obama focused on creating jobs at a campaign-style rally in ohio today. he talked about a new tax on banks. he said he would not walk away from health care reform because it's hard and they hurt his popularity. >> i understand why after the massachusetts election people in was
. >> is that good for jobs if the unions are losing wow in washington? >> what an overstatement of massachusetts. the unions aren't losing power. this is a wake-up call to the unions, the same unions that put $80 million in republican campaigns, showed up in a voting block of 85% for progressives. the best thing to happen is a wakeup call them there's so much over statement of the important of massachusetts. >> mike, your union people didn't come out. >> ed the ted kennedy seat. if this isn't a direct message. >> it's important to know, mike. -- it's important to know your union people did not come out and vote in massachusetts. that's the huge statement. where were they if they're so powerful? >> that's exactly my point. the unions got complacent because of the last cycle. all that happened is the democrats need to remember that the only way they're going to succeed politically is to have that union base motivated. this is going to do it. it's the worst thing that could happen to the republicans if you want to know the truth about massachusetts. >> jonathan, how motivated is the union? a lot of
, the ted kennedy seat did not win and those repercussions are felt here in washington. that populism taking root. the latest evidence of it. and perhaps a potential casualty is ben bernanke. his fed chairmanship spires on the 31st. he was nomenited for a second term. now democrats are jumping ship. and including barbara boxer of california. she says she's not going to vote for bernanke's nomination to be renominated a second term. the question, will he even survive, sending repercussions up to wall street, down more than 200 points yesterday. the president trying to get out in front here. talking about all of the things he has done to try to get people back to work, but as if to underscore the point arrived in ohio yesterday, the same day that the state announced the unemployment rate ticked up yet again to 10.9% from 10.6%. of course, almost a full point above the national average. problems all around, not only on the policy front but the political front for the president and democrats here in washington. we haven't even talk about health care and the prospects for that. that reform packag
and cynthia mcfadden in new york city and terry moran in washington, this is "nightline," january 22nd, 2010. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. and we begin tonight with the search for a baby boy. he's 8 months old, and his name is gabriel, and he's been missing now for more than a month. and since he disappeared, a series of strange events has unfolded. his mother, shifting stories, including the claim she handed the baby off to changstrangers. then, ultimately, her arrest. is baby gabriel somewhere out there, in the care of an unknown couple? or is the answer much more sinister? andrea canning has our report. >> reporter: he's the missing baby capturing the nation's attention. >> if that baby is alive tonight, he's crying for that mommy. she's like a cat. >> arizona cops say gabriel johnson disappeared after being kidnapped by his noncustodial mother. >> reporter: after searching coast to coast for nearly a month, detectives are acknowledging for the first time 8 month old baby gabriel may not be alive. >> we were getting good indications, good tips in. at this point, as some of those are
and health re on life support. and we bring ou an eyewitness report on iti. tonight on "washington week." >>let the american people decide how much ney isenough. sunshineeally does work if you allow it to. >> the roberts court has turned back the clo on our democracy by over a century. gwen: inone major decision, the supreme court rolls backdecades of campaign financ imits. quhile whi political upheaval of anoer ind rock the capital as masachusetts voters pick rublican senar scot brown. and w much will be the 41st republican senator eaken the president's agenda? >>it is jusnice being out of washington. let say. and there are ice people in washingtonbut -- n can drive you crazy. gwen: id aftershocks and confuion, the world copes with e devastation i haiti. covering te week, john biskupic ofu.s.a. todayand john hrwood of cnbc and the "new york times" time and martha raddtz of abc news. ♪ gwen: good evening. perhaps we should he seen it coming, when the spreme court went out of its way o hear new arguments in hat was cnsidered a prty tangenthall campaign finance ase. and the citizens tu
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